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Creative Advertising Agency in Cobb County, GA

Reach new heights with digital marketing expert Zachary Diggins, founder of CYDI Consulting. Based in Hiram, GA, our advertising agency is committed to helping businesses nationwide grow through innovative digital marketing solutions. Excelling at digital marketing or being a creative genius doesn’t mean watching several seasons of Mad Men—it means keeping up with emerging trends and understanding how these trends can be applied industry to industry. From targeted ads to website optimization to storytelling strategies, we’ll help you discover and implement exciting techniques to better engage your desired audience.

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Content Marketing

Learn what’s needed to create compelling content. When it comes to content marketing, your audience doesn’t want to read filler—they want to read easy, engaging, and effective writing that answers the question: why should I care?
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Display Advertising

Create display ads that are worth remembering. With help from our graphic design team, you’ll understand what your ads need to become clickable.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Make your website more effective with search engine optimization. If you want your website to show up in Internet searches, it’s essential that you take advantage of these strategies.

Defining Your Business

Sure, you may already know what your business sells or what services you offer, but do you know who your target audience is? You’d be surprised. The first step to digital marketing is defining both your audience and your business. What is your mission? What do you hope to accomplish in the future? These are all questions that will be answered when you consult with our advertising agency. Once we define who your consumer is, we can develop an effective and creative marketing strategy.

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Building a Winning Sales Team

It’s no secret that sales is the key to your company’s success. To have a winning sales department, your team must be on the same page, understanding your company’s overall endgame and having in-depth knowledge of the products or services you offer. Lastly, your sales department must have passion. Without passion, your message won’t be as effective. If you’re a start-up company with no sales department, let our advertising agency help you build one that will set your business toward future success.

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